Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The New York Times Beat Me To It

Remember when I said I was fighting a cold? Well, I managed to fend it off so far without taking medicine. I meant to tell you all about this, but I got lazy, and today the New York Times has an article about the very thing I was going to praise.

Neti Pot.

No you don't smoke it, ha ha ha...

It looks like a genie's lamp. You put warm water and salt in it, you stick the long end into your nostril, pour the water through and it rinses your nasal passages (repeat on other nostril for maximum effect). It takes some getting used to, but this thing is fabuloso! I first heard about it at our friends' wedding in Seattle. Two allergy sufferers swore by this contraption, so when we got home my husband and I bought one. Not only is it good for allergy season, but if you have post-nasal drip like I do, it clears you out pretty well. No drugs, which is good for you and your baby.

For more praise, go to the New York Times website.


Zoia said...


When I was pregnant, a friend of mine also recommended me to use that "genie lamp" nasal cleanser...I watched and got scared of it...I never got used to it! But I'm so glad you are using it. Tania uses it a lot and another yoga friend swears by it.

Hey, the raspberry leaf thing. Yes! Do not drink it now!!!! I should have clarified that when we had that conversation and my mommy mentioned it!

Liz Harlan-Ferlo said...

omg. love me some neti pot. it's all about get off the evil pharma allergie meds that have side effects. Go neti!

Even got m.wommy on it.

can't say enough. as the friend who encouraged me quoted her friend, "millions of Indians can't be wrong!" and he's like a famous folk singer, so he knows stuff.