Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Last Monthly Visit

Went for the monthly checkup. The good news is I've gained 5lbs since the last visit, my blood pressure is excellent, and I am progressing very nicely. The technician said my weight is pretty good, some women gain what she called a lot of weight during pregnancy (50 lbs). I am nowhere near that, thank God. My nurse-practioner measured my fundus (from the top of your uterus to the top of your pelvic bone, which is the first time anyone's done that (she said that was excellent too, but I didn't ask what the measurment was- I was too shocked that she actually did it). According to my pregnancy book that measuring should have been happening for months, but the doctor said pretty much every time that I wasn't showing (so there was no need to take measurements?) I will have to start going for check-ups every two weeks now, and the technician gave me a bottle of glucose drink for the gestational diabetes test i will have to take at the end of this month.

The not so good news is that the maternity ward I'm supposed to give birth in is going under construction and that construction is supposed to last for six months. So I will be giving birth to my child in a construction site come April? I don't like this bit of news. Nor do I like the fact that you can't even find a link to the maternity center on the website - that's a bit unnerving. I spent a while on a local blog site to see if other people had experience giving birth at this place. If they do no one's talking.

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