Friday, January 4, 2008

By the way

According to some more research I did, drinking raspberry leaf tea is supposed to promote uterine contractions and is not recommended before the 32nd week.  I freaked out and decided not to drink anymore until then.  I've been drinking Raspberry blend (raspberry leaf, hibiscus and something else blend), but I'm not interested in early contractions, even though it's not straight up raspberry tea.  It tastes so good too...

Foot massages are okay, but there are pressure points that can also trigger (say it with me!) uterine contractions (very good!).  So your partner can do gentle toe pulls and ankle rotations and calf.  I still get manicures and pedicures.  Jenny knows I'm pregnant, so she didn't really press anywhere, but the soaking and the bubbles more than made up for that.  Side bar: The place I go to got new tubs with this kick-ass chair that does kneading and tapping back massages. Great chair, much better than the old ones.  The down side is the ventilation system is not so hot in this place, but I go every 6-8 weeks.  I should start asking for a face mask, but that looks so uncool.  

Oh, beware of being an attendant in a wedding in your second trimester.  I was matron of honor and had a lot of running around to do.  My shoes were uncomfortable, my back was aching, and by the end of the night I was grimacing and hobbling around the church.  I'm not complaining - I was happy to do it. I'm just saying be mindful, because your mobility and stamina are not what it once was (although my stamina is better now than it was in the first trimester).

Oh yeah, Happy New Year :-D  

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