Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fun Stuff

I decided that since I'm not posting the ultrasound pictures I would throw you a bone and attach a pic of myself in the matron of honor dress for my profile pic. I cropped the other attendants and the bride out, because who cares about them, really. (Did I mention the bride is my sister?
Did I also mention I had fun cropping her out of the photo? HA HA! "It's good to be the king."
I love her, she's great, and the wedding was nice.)

In other fun news, mi esposo and I have been enjoying our evening entertainment - watching the not-yet-born dance across its condo. We spent a solid half an hour one night just staring at my stomach while it poked and stretched in every direction. There are many days I feel like pregnancy is a a one-woman show (you know, after the seed got planted of course), so to see my husband get excited about what's happening inside of me makes me feel less alone, like the back pain and nausea is for a greater good. I am also very grateful to have a partner who is interested and invested in my pregnancy, even though he enjoys playing food police a little too much for my liking. But what can I say? At least he cares, right?

Have you heard of a 'push present'? Last night to distract myself from my hospital research I looked at a slide show about push presents - gifts men give to their wives in appreciation of all the hard work she did in bringing their child into the world. I read the captions aloud, while my husband decorated our study. Based on his reactions, I'm not getting any push presents. I get my gifts now- not having to do laundry, not cooking much, rides home from work. I'll take the help over a pair of diamond studs, call me crazy.

And finally...
We've joined a fitness center that has a heated pool through this program called Global Fit. My insurance will cover some of the membership fee, which is the only way we can afford this particular place. It feels good to be in the water, I really think that it's helping ease the back pain. My husband swims. I sit on the noodle and move my hands and legs. Soon I'm going to take swim lessons so that I can really swim. I can only swim when I hold my breath- not good for baby - and I can't really tread water, so I need to stay where I can feel the ground below my feet (I didnt learn how to move in water until I was 19. Almost drowning at Disneyworld when I was 4 kinda turned me off the whole swimming thing.)

So maybe this isn't fun, but isn't it more fun than a reading post about the politics of giving birth in the US? I may be writing that one soon, because I'm frustrated by how difficult it seems to be to give birth the way I want to. I'll save it til after I see the Abby Epstein/Ricki Lake documentary The Business of Being Born.

( I get my jollies from being indignant :-D )


kjames106 said...

You're funny! I am still sad to not know what you are having, but I'm guessing girl. You look cute at the wedding! I love that dress. My hubby got me a "push present." It was a diamond and blue sapphire necklace of a baby carriage. It's sweet and I never take it off. I started a blog, so I'll take myself off of anonymous!

Yes I Am said...

You've got about 12 weeks to see if you're right!

Thanks for not being "anonymous" anymore, and I hope you're enjoying writing your own blog. I'd love to read it!

My husband decided to give me a push present, fyi. Two prenatal massages, so I guess that's a pre-push present :-)