Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's Full Disclosure Time

You know the drill....scroll down if your interested...and don't be mad at me if you're being nosy and read something you didn't want to know.


I'll start with boobs. They tingle every so often and itch. Nothing is leaking from them yet, but there is still time for that to happen. Have I said I've doubled in cup size? It's hard to tell sometime because they look the same to me, but I'm wearing a 36 D now, which has always been a dream of mine (that, and being 5' 8"). The areolas are much darker now too,which is also a part of pregancy. Speaking of being darker, I've got a dark patch around my navel. I have no clue what that is about.

Ladies at work ask if I can still see my feet. I can, but that's not what distresses me. My crotch is completely shielded from sight. Why does that matter? One, I used to be able to see it. Two, I used to self-groom, which would now be dangerous and foolish to attempt. I thought if i sat down on the toilet I could get to it- nuh uh...
Shaving my legs is not impossible yet, but it's winter and I get lazy about that around now anyways.

Bladder control is not what it used to be. I've noticed that I am leaking. Not much, but enough for me to try to pee more often. It's really hard to motivate when I lay down for the night. The baby presses on the bladder making it feel full when it's not, so I make a trip for nothing. The morning is tough too because it's so cold outside of the covers. So what I have started doing is practicing the "double void" - peeing, waiting a few minutes, and peeing what's left. I'll also have to stop ignoring my bladder and just go when it wakes me up.

Now, if any of you have wondered if you can have sex during pregnancy, the answer is yes. I don't mean the theoretical "sure, if the doctor says it's okay" yes. I mean absolutely, unless your OB or midwife puts you on pelvic rest! I don't have the urge to do it as often, and it may take a little longer to get the party started. But once it's on, let the games begin! The baby has no clue what's going on, and you and your partner need as much normalcy as you can muster during this transition. My friends with children say do it now and as often as you can. I agree, and I add go it alone if and when the mood strikes and your partner is not available (the same goes for your partner on those times when you are too uncomfortable.) There will come a time when your stomach is too big for certain positions- I'm sure you'll figure out ways around that mountain. I hear that you can even do it the day you go into labor (yes, I know someone who got it on to start her labor.) Some chemical in semen will trigger contractions. You do what you gotta do...

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