Thursday, September 25, 2008


Tallulah's fighting another cold, and neither of us have been sleeping too well the past two nights. A good mother would be in bed asleep at 12:25am, knowing she and her baby need their rest, but not me. No, I'm on the computer updating my blog. I've always been known for my sound judgment. This entry will be brief - I'm fading, fast...

We had a CHOP appointment Tuesday morning. This was the 6 month checkup, X-Ray included. Dr. Flynn had this to say about her progress: "Talllulah's hips look awesome!" The conditions are right for healthy bone development, and she actually has the hip bones of a nine month old. We return for another follow-up X-Ray shortly before her first birthday. It's sad for us because we won't get to see the nurses and admin staff for another six months.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back From Vacation

Hello! I would have posted while I was on vacation, but the camp we stayed at had no internet or cell phone access. The three of us went to Sweden, Maine and had a lovely time. It was a little chilly, but the company kept us warm.

Tallu hiked a mountain, sat on a dock, endured mosquito bites, had lobster-flavored milk, toured her parents' college campus, and survived her longest car trip yet. Now that she's teething car rides are not so enjoyable for the three of us. We were able to break up the seven hour trip with stops to visit family and friends un NY, CT, and MA.

I'm nursing Tallu as I write, it's 11:34pm, and I'm tired...gnight y'all

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Water Baby

This is the third time Tallu has been in the pool. She had a great time! She kicked her legs and moved her arms like she had done this before. (Well, she has, but amniotic fluid is a lot warmer, and my belly was much smaller than this pool.) She also pursed her lips to keep the water out. Here's Tallu with her grandfather, practicing her crawl stroke.

Her first pool experience wasn't the most pleasant because she was cold and hungry. The second time I fed her about fifteen minutes before she went in, and we chose the hotter part of the day. She stayed in for a little longer without freaking out. This last time she stayed in for about 15 minutes.

Her dad did a good job of checking her body temp by feeling her cheeks. He figured if her face wasn't cold, she was probably warm enough. Watch the baby- she can't tell you she's cold, but you'll see her changing colors. Tallu's lips were a little blue by the end of her swim. I stayed dry to document her swim and to warm her up when she was finished. Bring two towels: one to dry the baby, and another to wrap the baby after you've removed her wet bathing suit.

Between my body heat, the dry towel, and warm milk, Tallu warmed up pretty quickly and enjoyed a quick post-workout nap.


Here's an update on Tallu, something I haven't done for a while.

Milady is five months old, with lots of curly hair, big cheeks, and turkey legs. The cough is finally gone, though every once in a while she needs to clear her throat. She doesn't really enjoy being on her stomach for very long, and would much rather move around on her back. Tallu loves her rainforest gym and uses her hands and feet to play with her toys. She's found her hands, and mine, which have become her chew toys while she's teething.

I know the proper term is teething toys, but for some reason I keep calling them chew toys...

Anyhoo- she's not exactly sleeping through the night. She sleeps in five hour stretches. Now that I am not leaving the house for work, I don't mind getting up in the middle of the night. The last early morning feeding I bring her in the bed with us, because she can nurse in her sleep, and I can nurse her while I sleep.

There is a radio campaign in my city urging parents not to co-sleep with your baby. You could roll over on the baby in your sleep, crush her, suffocate her. She's safer in her own crib. Could these things happen? When I was fourteen my sister and I slept over at my aunt's house to hang out with my cousin. My aunt was babysitting an infant, and when it came time for bed she asked who wanted to sleep with him. I volunteered, and it meant the baby and I would have to sleep together on the sofabed. (There were also kittens in the living room, somehow they ended up in the bed with us.) I remember waking up twice. The first time the baby was crying. The second time I smelled something awful. I thought he pooped, but it was one of the kittens. However, I did not roll over on the baby, and I was not his mother.

If you have a large enough bed and you want your infant to sleep with you, I say why not? (I wouldn't recommend it if you've had a little too much to drink, or if you're on heavy medication.) I get more sleep after the 3 AM feeding because I don't have to wake up at 5 or 6 to feed her again. My husband gets more sleep because he doesn't have to hear a crying baby. Tallu gets more sleep because she can just wiggle over to me and nurse. Everybody's happy.