Thursday, September 25, 2008


Tallulah's fighting another cold, and neither of us have been sleeping too well the past two nights. A good mother would be in bed asleep at 12:25am, knowing she and her baby need their rest, but not me. No, I'm on the computer updating my blog. I've always been known for my sound judgment. This entry will be brief - I'm fading, fast...

We had a CHOP appointment Tuesday morning. This was the 6 month checkup, X-Ray included. Dr. Flynn had this to say about her progress: "Talllulah's hips look awesome!" The conditions are right for healthy bone development, and she actually has the hip bones of a nine month old. We return for another follow-up X-Ray shortly before her first birthday. It's sad for us because we won't get to see the nurses and admin staff for another six months.

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