Thursday, September 4, 2008

Water Baby

This is the third time Tallu has been in the pool. She had a great time! She kicked her legs and moved her arms like she had done this before. (Well, she has, but amniotic fluid is a lot warmer, and my belly was much smaller than this pool.) She also pursed her lips to keep the water out. Here's Tallu with her grandfather, practicing her crawl stroke.

Her first pool experience wasn't the most pleasant because she was cold and hungry. The second time I fed her about fifteen minutes before she went in, and we chose the hotter part of the day. She stayed in for a little longer without freaking out. This last time she stayed in for about 15 minutes.

Her dad did a good job of checking her body temp by feeling her cheeks. He figured if her face wasn't cold, she was probably warm enough. Watch the baby- she can't tell you she's cold, but you'll see her changing colors. Tallu's lips were a little blue by the end of her swim. I stayed dry to document her swim and to warm her up when she was finished. Bring two towels: one to dry the baby, and another to wrap the baby after you've removed her wet bathing suit.

Between my body heat, the dry towel, and warm milk, Tallu warmed up pretty quickly and enjoyed a quick post-workout nap.

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