Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Quick Update

It's Day Two of Daycare for Tallu, Day Two: Back to Work for Me.

We're both tired at the end of the day. We come home, I eat, then she eats, then we take a nap together. She's been asleep since about 6, and it's almost 1 am. The daycare gives a sheet of when she ate, dirty diapers, and nap time. She only napped from 10-11 this morning. She does like to be up, but I guess she can't get terribly comfortable sleeping in her carseat. I must remember to bring her little bed, maybe that will help her go down for naptime.

I'm pumping at work. My boss put up a curtain for me so I can have some privacy at my cubicle. (Of course, Tallu would start to fuss as I'm writing this at damn near 1am...)

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