Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Blah blah blah blah

Hello everybody!
It's 12:30 am. I should be asleep, since the rest of my family is. I'm hungry, and I'm trying to fight the urge to eat a dark chocolate almond sandie cookie. If I just went to sleep, I wouldn't have to fight the cookie.

Anyhoo- I've realized that I now need to get up about 45 minutes earlier if we need to go anywhere. I need time to shower and eat before I can get Milady ready. I've had two special occasions go by where I didn't get a chance to shower or eat because I needed to get her ready. The first time I was getting my hair cut, and Dad had some mishap with a bottle, so Tallu got more milk on her than in her, and he didn't have time to clean her up because he needed to shower. When I got back from the barber, I had to dress the poor hungry thing, who wasn't clean, didn't have time to finish feeding her because we were already late, and had to listen to her cry for the 45 minute drive.

The next time I went sans shower was the day of her baptism. This time Dad went to get doughnuts and coffee, which he did after he showered. I sponge-bathed Tallu while he was in the shower, hoping to get a fast one in before the guests arrived. I never got the chance- I greeted one of the godmothers at the front door with Milady at the boob, and the crowd kept coming. It was also my baptism (yep, a double whammy), and I was unshowered and hungry. My hair got a holy water rinse. The Holy Eucharist was my first meal of the day. At least I wasn't funky, or if I was, no one said anything.

You never really understand your own mother until you become one. My dad took his time getting himself ready, and my mom had to get two girls ready for church or school, plus herself. Dad was pretty much useless to her during these times. If I want to be clean and fed, I gotta get up before everyone else. Now I get why she rose so much earlier than the rest of us.

You know what? I'm going to get a bedtime cookie. HA!

(Sorry, Tallu's dad. It was either this, or Tallu's Saturday night bath story...yeah, that's what I thought :-)

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