Monday, June 16, 2008

Pins and Needles, Part II

We went to CHOP on June 3 for another hip ultrasound and non-harness stress test. Tallu
was free for about two hours. They put her through it with the non-stress test. I didn't think it would hurt, but apparently it did. Ah, it was so exciting to not have a baby in a contraption. She was smiling and kicking, she didn't know what to do first.

I have to say, if I haven't said it already, the staff at CHOP are AWESOME! We hadn't been in weeks, and when Attiya (our doctor's office manager) saw us, she greeted us like we were old friends- she kissed me on the cheek! I felt so special :-) Of course, they all swarmed Tallu, and she was hamming it up! Thank God we're not going to CHOP for anything life-threatening, but it is comforting to know that even the support staff cares about us and our daughter.

Back to the harness... the docs are still very pleased with her progress and the improvements are strong and steady. The good news is they've officially ruled out surgery or a body cast to correct the hip dysplaxia. The sucky part is that milady is still in the damned harness. Tallu and her dad took the news pretty hard. I swear, as soon as the doc said "we'll keep her in the harness for three more weeks" she started wailing. She and her dad needed a few minutes once the harness was back on and the docs left the room.

The three of us are sick of this thing. (well, I say that, but I assume Tallu is) It was especially difficult through the heatwave. It would've been nice to give her a bath, but we still can't take her out of the harness. I am tempted every day to take it off, but I remember how excited her docs were at each check. We can't risk setbacks for a twenty minute bath.

So, when will she be free? We don't know. Next week we go for another harness check, and I believe we will begin the weaning schedule. The docs never give a deadline. We go in, they like the progress, then they say what happens next, we go home and wonder: when will this be finished?

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