Wednesday, June 18, 2008

All My Booty

Did I tell you guys I'm part of a nursing panel? A lady from one of the chain maternity stores called me to ask if I wanted to take part in a breasfeeding mothers' focus group. I did it, and found out that they also needed volunteers to do product research. I figured I'm broke and I need clothes, so why not?

This is the best racket going!
I have a bag full of shirts, pajamas, nursing pads, and other items from the meeting tonight. Retail value... over $300!

I've been wearing a $55 nursing bra for the past month and didn't even know it, thanks to product research. It's actually a very comfortable nursing bra. It's supportive without being bulky. The bra I received has so tags, so I didn't know it was $55 until the moderator told us tonight. The bra is by Elle MacPherson, and now that I've worn it, I can say it's worth the investment. Your boobs grow during pregnancy, so if you plan on nursing you will wear it for a while.

Right now, I am lounging in a cotton nightgown that will sell for $48 in the store. I will test an organic feeding cover that costs $50. All the stuff I would scoff at in the store ("Who the fuck is gonna pay fifty damned dollars to sleep in some cotton?!") is sitting up in my house, and I paid nada!

I thought nursing tops were a gimmick, and that I would have no need of them. I was so wrong! Ladies, if you plan on nursing, stock up on a few good nursing tops. I'm not just saying this because I'm getting them for free. My doula gave me one of her tops and I loved it. You will be very appreciative when your child starts wailing in a cafe and all you have to do is unhook a strap and latch the baby onto your booby in five seconds without drawing much attention to yourself. Today a man thought Milady was asleep in my arms, but she was actually nursing.

Ah, the power of free merchandise ;-)

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