Monday, June 16, 2008

How U Living?

Dude, we are strugglin, I can't lie. Truth be told, it's my fault. I work part-time and all of my money goes to paying down my debt. Now that I'm on maternity I have no income, and the bills are piling up. Again, my fault. I should have put aside money for now.

Whatever...what's not done is not done. Yet, we eat daily, I'm typing a blog for the internet I can access, watching tv that we have to pay for. We still have an apartment (the rent's late, though, tee hee hee), so really, how badly do we have it?

I cooked dinner tonight. It took a few hours, but I did it. Last week I took a shower AND cleaned the bathtub and sink. I even took an overnight trip with Tallu to NYC last week. That was exciting. We got to visit my fam, and my husband got to live without a crying baby and a cranky wife for 36 hours. That was his Father's Day gift from us. Of course, I'm broke, so he paid for my trip out there. He didn't say anything about it, but that's hardly a gift from me.

My best piece of advice? Don't have children. They cost money. But if you insist- as we did- be prepared, financially. How should we prepare, you ask? Dude, how the hell should I know! You're asking financial advice from a woman who has more debt than her yearly salary... pfft...

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