Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pins and Needles, Part I

Doctor's visit updates...
Last week was the immunization appointment.
She had six immunizations: five shots, one liquid (that was for rotovirus). It would have been four shots, but we hesitated on the Hepatitis B shot. Tallu's dad and I were on the fence about doing it, but we decided to for two reasons. First, we want her to be able to register for school when the time comes. Second, they've taken out thimerosol in the vaccine, which has been linked to autism in children according to some studies.
I've heard from many moms how tough this appointment is on both mom and baby. I thought these women were just overly sensitive. But I have joined the club. Tallu wasn't crying, like she is right now. She was screaming, blood was trickling down her chubby little thigh, and all I could do was stroke her cheek and tell her how brave she was, and what a big girl she was, and remind her that it was no worse than when the doctors put the cast on, or slapped her in a harness. When the doctor left, I picked her up and rocked her while the tears ran down my cheeks. Lucky for Tallu, she got some Tylenol after the ordeal. I got no compensatory drugs.
I don't know how many dads attend this appointment. My mom said my dad went when I got my shots and vowed never to go again because she cried worse than I did. I don't remember the appointment, so I can neither confirm nor deny his allegations. I would recommend that both parents go, so you can be moral support for each other. But if you do have to be the lone adult, be brave for the baby during the shots, then whimper together after the doc leaves.

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Lu's Dad said...

Sorry I couldn't be there with both of you :-(
I keep telling myself with the brace, and now this, just think of how tough she's gonna be. It is the only consolation for all of the crying and screaming that we and the doctors put her through - that and not needing surgery for her hip and not getting diseases thanks to the vaccinations.