Thursday, March 13, 2008

On Patience (Soap Box Time)

"It's easy to have patience when you don't do it [deal with a child] everyday."

Someone said this to me a few months ago while I was attending a crying child. It's a poignant statement. My response was internal because the crying child was more important at the moment. What I wanted to say was "I believe the words you're looking for are 'thank you.' This child is watching you walk out the door without her as you take your newborn and significant other out for the evening, jackass! Wouldn't you feel neglected and hurt too?"

But I held my tongue, because I have patience.

Children cry, scream, get angry, don't listen, roll on the floor, whatever it is they do when they go crazy. But they're children. You asked* for them, now you have to take care of them, which requires patience. So instead of being snippy with someone for having the patience to deal with your child or children when you don't, be appreciative and grateful for the help. I say this more as a reminder to myself, because I'm sure there will be times when I may forget what I expect others to remember.

*Unless you were raped of course. Now if you keep the child, the violence surrounding her conception does not preclude the love and nurture she needs from you.

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