Monday, March 17, 2008

Getting Ready-ish

We have finished the gift registry and sent out invites to the un-shower. We've planned a co-ed, no awful shower games, and best of all no gift opening. We're bringing the Nintendo Wii, some board games, card games, and hopefully everyone will have a good time. Why no gift opening?

1) That's boring- we'd rather spend the time with our guests, most of whom are coming from out of town.

2) How many times can we say "Oh, how cute!" "Wow, we really need that!" "I didn't know they made that in this size!"

3) If you really wanna see what the baby got, come visit the baby after its born. Besides, I caved on telling family and friends the sex of the baby. I've been more than gracious when people touch my stomach. Do I have to share the gifts too?

4) What if some people don't bring gifts? There's no law saying you have to, and we don't want people to feel uncomfortable about coming without a physical gift. Your presence is gift enough. (aren't we disgusting!)

The baby's room is still not ready, tee hee hee. We just signed up for a one day, five hour intensive childbirth class for the Sunday after our un-shower. It's a good deal- the teacher will come to our house, bring snacks, and we only have to sit still for five hours, not travel somewhere for 6 to 12 weeks.

The midwife gave me a list of signs of pre-term labor. It is the birth center's policy to stop pre-term labor before 37 weeks. (I figure your practioner will have her own rules, so don't take that as gospel for all pregnancies.) If I have Braxton Hicks contractions that last longer than two minutes, bloody show, painful uterine cramps that don't go away with rest and plenty of water, or 4 to 6 contractions in one hour I must call the center.

I also have started to prepare an emergency contact list. The owner of our neighborhood cafe asked if I had such a list, in case I go into labor when my husband's not around. As foolish as this sounds, I never imagined he'd be away. It's especially naive of me, considering we live in Philly and he works in Central Jersey- DOH! The cafe owner offered to be a contact person, as well as two friends in the city who are new moms. I have to call a cab company to find out how much a ride out to the center costs from my house, and have that much cash on hand, just in case the backup people can't make it either.

I'm still waiting to hear from the HR Dept if my leave has been approved. I submitted that request the last week in February, and the leave is supposed to begin in 4 weeks. Am I supposed to follow up on this? If I haven't heard anything by the end of this week I'll say something.

I have a good pregnancy book to recommend: Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, by Ina May Gaskin. The first part contains child birthing stories that run the gamut from homebirth to hospital birth, unmedicated to medicated, vaginal, c-sections and unexpected complications. The second part explains labor and childbirth without scaring the bejeezis out of you. There are graphic pictures, but you may as well look at them because it is what it is. The more you familiarize your subconscious with what is to come the less scared you'll be.

(My midwife has known Ina May Gaskin for many years. So I really am in good hands...)

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