Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dry Run

Easter morning I was dreaming about the Mass Pike when I interrupted myself to go to the bathroom. I had repositioned myself from sleeping on my right side to my left in preparation to get up, but laid in bed a little longer to gather my strength. Moments later, I sat on the toilet and sighed.

"Umm, you do realize you don't lie down to use the toilet," I thought.

The flow obeyed. When I opened my eyes I was still laying on my left side in bed, feeling warm and wet. This was not a sign of preterm labor. I just peed my bed, is all.

It's a good thing we bought the waterproof mattress pad...

1 comment:

Daddy-to-be said...

And a good thing we got the queen-size bed, so I wasn't right next to you, also waking up warm and wet.

I thought we bought the waterproof pad for the baby or drink spills, but oh well :-)