Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So many questions...

1) Are you having any cravings?
They're more like fleeting fancies. One day I really wanted red beans and rice from Popeyes. Another day I wanted spaghetti and sauce (but not with the homemade sauce I made because I'm sick of those damned tomatoes we got from the farmshare.) Popeyes was delicious as always. The spaghetti from the place down the street from us was a serious disappointment. One night I really wanted Chinese food, another day Beef Teriyaki. Unfortunately, I can't indulge these fancies as they hit because that involves money and time to get them, and we can't afford to satisfy all my whims. Now I make do with Hebrew National Beef salami sandwiches, Coco Krispies, and fruit.

2) Is it a boy or a girl? Are you gonna find out?
I don't know what it is yet, and yes we are going to find out. The ultrasound is Dec 12. Keep in mind, this is not 100% accurate, and it may decide not to be in a position where the technician can see its genitals. Once we find out, I will miss calling it "it." I realize that sounds cruel and heartless, but it's a sadistic joy of mine. Considering what I will have to go through during labor, give me this.

3) Do you have any names picked out?
My husband and I would like to have some part of this pregancy just for us, so we will go through the naming process as a couple. You'll meet the little person, name and all, when you see it. Thanks for respecting our decision.

4) Are you showing?
I'm small, and the women on the job have been saying for a while now that I am showing. I certainly can't hide it, but I'm not very big. My bellybutton is starting to pop out, and I'm getting that line down my stomach.

5) Are you feeling anything yet?
I think I am. Very quick movements, and they usually don't repeat themselves. It's not enough for you to reach out and lay your hands on my stomach expecting to get nudged. You'd be waiting a long time.

6) How are you feeling?
Overall about the pregnancy? I'm being overtaken by this alien that has made me feel like crap for months. My back hurts, I can't sleep comfortably, and you ask how I'm feeling?

Pregnancy gets romanticized waaay too often, ladies and gentleman. I'm not here to spin fairy tales for ya. The truth is I feel strange. My body is no longer mine. But I chose this, so I live with it. I'm not resentful. I don't hate the baby and I don't blame my husband for doing this to me. I just don't consider this the most rapturous thing to have happened. I'll be more excited when this part is over.

7) Are you shopping? What can we get you?
My least favorite questions. I come from a superstitious family, so I'm not shopping for anything until maybe March. As for what you can get: when the time comes friends and family will get the registry, get whatever your heart desires.

8) Are you having a shower?
Not a traditional shower. We do not want to sit in a room full of people opening gifts while you watch. We are throwing ourselves a co-ed party, with music and dancing, and no gift opening. I put it out there now so that there are no surprises.


Hilary said...

I have a question you didn't get to. Are you going to move to Seattle? Baby boy B.G. would like a playmate and Baby G.H. would be a good match. Think about it.

Yes I Am said...

Seattle...that would be nice. And the college roommates could raise their children at least in the same city...that would be fun to watch. Plus I'd get to have that delicious lavender salad dressing again!