Thursday, November 8, 2007


So, how am I doing?
It's hard to say. I thought I was over my repulsion to the Reading Terminal Market last week. I walked in with my boss and another co-worker and sat at the counter with them. When I got back to work I was feeling pretty full. I ate a bagel with mozzerella and tomato, drank a strawberry cantaloupe banana juice with a shot of wheatgress, and had half a wonton soup. This may have been too much, because I got sickyface (that's my euphemism for puking. Sickyface sounds better, doesn't it!)
So no more overeating...

My back was hurting a lot last week. The pain is less now, but I've discovered while at work that if I sit for long enough, my coxsix hurts. My right boob is itching (I do wash, thank you!), and my hands are getting drier faster. Oh- I forgot to tell you ladies, when you are early in your pregnancy your boobs hurt 24/7. Mine hurt so bad I had to sleep in tank shirts. Full disclosure.

Anyhoo, I'm not as tired as I was two weeks ago, but am still taking it slow, and I enjoy my 12-hour Saturday naps. How do I know they're so long? My personal timekeeper (aka my husband) tells me so. Do I care? Clearly not, since I continue to take said naps :-)

Now more of the co-workers are asking how I'm doing, asking am I pregnant, should I be doing that in my condition? So I answer their questions because it's just easier than telling the vast majority what they can kiss. The "in your condition" phrase is getting old, fast. I'm not going to do anything to harm either of us. To be really crass (albeit appropriate since I work in an African American cultural institution) if women on the plantations worked until labor kicked in, I think I can handle wrapping a doll and putting it in a box.

So get ready for lots of patronizing when you get pregnant. Suddenly you become weak and stupid.

And I think I will have to start walking around with a pencil to physically remove people's hands from my stomach.

More later...

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