Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Pregnant Woman's Miracle Cure(s)

I can't take credit for the title this time. My husband came up with it.

Because neither of us were particularly interested in doing work, we chatted on gmail for most of the day. (This is not unusual, FYI) I came in to work around 10pm today, which is usually when I'm waking up and microwaving water for my oatmeal. So now it's 5:00pm, and I am exhausted. I usually don't feel like I need a nap, but between waking up at 4am, getting back to sleep at 6am, then jumping out of bed at 9am, I am beat.

The worst part is that I can't nap. I would love to have a curtain on my corner cube, so I could close it, crawl under the desk and sleep. But alas, no. Nor can I just go home and sleep because I have a scene study class from 7-9, and I'm rehearsing with my partner in 20 minutes! I'm tired, my back has been hurting since Sunday, I'm just miserable all around.

Sleep as much as you can, and buy a heating pad. Both will serve you well during pregnancy. *Yawn*

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