Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Para Ti, Zo

Sunday afternoon the three of us went to a benefit cabaret. There were a few children around, but one little girl, CeCe, was particularly interested in Tallu. Tallu started to fuss, and CeCe asked what was wrong. When I told her I had to nurse Tallu, CeCe asked: "Are you a nurse? Is she sick?" so I had to explain what nursing means. CeCe was right there watching, asking what I was doing, where was the baby eating from, how did I have milk? She wanted me to lift my shirt and show her where the milk was coming from. CeCe didn't care that we only met that night, she had to know! It was so noisy in the place, and CeCe was talking near her head, so Tallu kept popping off my boob, so CeCe got to see Tallu latch on and pop off. That wasn't enough for CeCe, but I figured it would have to do, since I didn't even know where her mother was. A few minutes CeCe's older brother came over, and CeCe yelled to him something about me having milk in there, as she pointed to my chest. She wanted me to show him where the milk was coming from, but he huffed, "Look, I already got that lesson in health class."

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