Sunday, November 23, 2008

Eat This!

I read on a forum that some babies prefer to feed themselves. So I put a few pieces of banana in a bowl for Tallu, finger-sized bites. Tallu has dumped the pieces on her tray, and is now licking the bowl and playing it like a tamborine. Whatever banana pieces she didn't drop on the floor are on her little tray. I guess I can't call this self-feeding a failure yet, since this is attempt #1. Thank goodness she's nursing; she's getting plenty of food. Her cheeks are filling out, and the milk thighs are fattening up rather nicely. No teeth yet, but I can feel one on the bottom row, finally! We've had a few rough nights where Tallu wakes up screaming after she's been set down for the night. It's hard to know when the pain is going to bother her, especially when she's not complainig all day, or before she goes to sleep. It's driving her father crazy, especially when she starts thrashing in the middle of the night, like she did again last night (actually 5 am).

I'll keep trying the "solid foods as food, not toys" experiment and report back on her progress.

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