Monday, November 3, 2008

One More Thing

Tallu has her own way to deal with teething. She clasps her hands and hits herself in the mouth to numb the pain. Or, if I'm holding her, she bangs her mouth into my shoulder. So, my husband read my last post while the three of us were in bed and said, "So, you're gonna start her in the crib tonight, huh?" I couldn't bring myself to let her sleep alone after watching her punch herself in the face for two hours (even after I gave her acetaminophen). I had a feeling if she started screaming I'd be the one to have to wake up and tend to her, and you all know how I feel about my sleep.

We both deserved a good rest. She's napping again in the crib. I'll take that small victory. I don't know when we'll start the night transition. I should know by now not to commit to such bold undertakings in print.

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