Tuesday, May 6, 2008


So, the baby and her father are asleep.

I've been a mother for 38 days. No one's come to pick up this baby, so I guess that means she's staying. At least the breastfeeding is getting better- at her last check-up she weighed 8 lbs.

Tallu and I had a rough weekend. She's been doing a lot of crying. On Friday I thought she had a fever, so I took her in to the pediatrician after taking her temp three times at home - first one with the ear thermometor, the second and third rectally. The doc took her temp, and when I told him she felt warm to the touch to me and was eating A LOT- she was on my boob every hour and crying in between feedings- he sent us to the emergency room. There is a concern when an infant between 5-8 weeks has a fever because it could mean she has an infection, which can only be detected by blood and urine tests. So we went to CHOP' emergency room, which was a fairly pleasant experience as far as emergency room visits go. We had our own room with a curtain, we went through triage very quickly, and the nurses were very pleasant and attentive.
(It also didn't hurt that the first attending physician and the doctor on call were attractive tee hee hee)

I should mention that Tuesday I had an awful stomach bug. My husband had to stay home to care for Tallu because I couldn't. I was frightened that she would catch it, so between the constant feedings, her feeling warm to me, and this piercing cry she made when she woke from a nap Friday I flipped out. But she was fine, so we did not have to spend two days in the hospital.

I was feeling kinda crappy this weekend. It's so hard to live with an inconsolable baby who is suckling at my teets every hour, or hour and a half, and crying when she's not suckling or snoring, and I'm running on very little sleep. I can ask "what's wrong" til you're hoarse, but the baby will only answer "WAAH! AA-WAAH!" That doesn't answer the question. Well, I guess it does, but I don't understand what it means yet. Now I'm enjoying the peace and quiet, and updating my blog.

I have to slather myself with lanolin- the teets are feeling a little raw. No one's reading this, now that I've had the baby who cares, right? Knock on wood, there's no bleeding or cracking, but I have had a bump that she would touch. It's gone now, thanks to the lanolin. Have I said breastfeeding isn't easy yet? That's a separate entry...

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Tallulah's Daddy said...

I was wondering if you were gonna post about the ER trip, yay, fun - but at least, as you said, the staff made it very easy on us. And of course you had to put in about the doctor being attractive :-P

Yeah, it has been rough with her being so fussy recently. I know I still ask whats wrong too, but she hasn't told me yet. At least with all of the crying she's tired herself out and slept a little longer the last couple of nights.