Tuesday, April 22, 2008

24 days later

Right now my baby is shrieking in agony because she's in a harness. Tallulah was born with a hyperextended left leg, and a moderate case of hip dysplacia. Her left leg has been in a cast for three weeks. We've made friends with a few of the nurses at CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) who love to see Tallulah cuz she's just so darn cute.

I cried after the first casting- I waited til we were in the car on the way home. It's painful hearing your week old baby cry because the doctor is bending her leg and putting a heavy cast on it. I gotta stop now...we have a pizza delivery coming, and I need to hold her. The harness is holding her left and right legs at ninety degree angles, and it's pretty uncomfortable, to hear her tell it.

Don't have to stop- Tim laid her down in a good position, so I won't move her.

There is good news in all this- Tallulah's weight is up, which means she's getting enough food from me, the walking buffet. She's now 6 lbs 11 oz. Breastfeeding is not as romantic as La Leche League would have your believe, at least not for me. It's not easy, and it did not come naturally for either of us. We had to go to a lactation consultant, who watched us breastfeed in her office. She was helpful, and now Tallulah is always eatin. ALWAYS!! Sometimes once an hour for three hours, sometimes every two-three hours. Gotta go, she's crying

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