Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sure It's Natural, But It Ain't Easy

Breastfeeding has been a physical and psychological challenge for me. First I had no milk, then I didnt have enough. Now I have the milk, but it seems she wants it all the time. I can't go anywhere, I can't eat, because it feels like she's always eating. My husband likes to rub my back or touch me when I'm feeding Tallu, which annoys the hell outta me (he knows, so I'm not dropping a bombshell here.) Right now my breasts are filling up, which feels like pins and needles throughout the whole breast. I totally understand why women choose to bottle feed. There are times when I've made her a bottle or two because I needed a rest. Selfish? Sure, but she ate. I didn't take my frustration out on her

Uh-oh...she's starting to scrunch up her face...gotta go...

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Tallulah's Daddy said...

Yes, I do know, but it is an involuntary reaction, so I can't stop. I want to help, but can't since I don't have milk, and I want to comfort you and let you know that I feel for what you are going through and appreciate you nursing our daughter. A bottle now and then isn't so bad, and you could always pump, but I know how you feel about that process too. It's ok to be a little "selfish" (if you can even call it that) when you are doing the most selfless thing possible by raising a child and nursing her.