Thursday, April 7, 2011

Week 29

I am 29 weeks pregnant, no gestational diabetes as you know, and all the baby's vital signs are good. I am increasingly more uncomfortable. I mentioned at my last appointment that I was having trouble finding a comfortable sleeping position, and that I felt most comfortable on my back. My midwife said that if I am in a position the baby doesn't like, he will kick. That'll wake me up, and I will adjust myself. If I am on my back and am not short of breath, then be comfortable. Get some pillows to prop myself up, or a body pillow to sleep with while I'm on my side. Last pregnancy I was glad when we upgraded from the full mattress to a queen. We certainly can't afford to upgrade to a king, but I think we will have to move our leather reclining chair to the bedroom so that I can sleep on it. I'll look like a Craftmatic adjustable chair commercial. Hey-do they still make those?

We have secured Tallu's grandmaman to watch Tallu at the birthing center when the time comes. It's a great worry off our minds- she's close by, she's been through two natural childbirths herself, so she wouldn't freak out by anything she hears in the next room, and Tallu likes spending time with her. I told her that I should set up a fake baby shower so that he will come on the day of that shower (she got a good laugh). Now I just have to prepare Tallu for what happens to mommy during labor. Don't laugh, but I was watching Oprah a few weeks ago when she had Phil Donahue as a guest. He talked about the episode where he showed a live home birth, and the three year old daughter who screamed "It's a puppy!" when her sibling arrived. So it's possible for little children to be there and not be traumatized. I also know that Tallu may not want to be anywhere near, so I must prepare for all contingencies.

I should also note that I am 147lbs, which is devastating. I hate weighing myself and having to see that number, then report to my midwife. I imagine by the end of this pregnancy I will weigh in the 150s. It is completely my fault for not losing the weight between pregnancies, and I am vowing to myself that I will start to work off the baby weight once my midwife gives the green light for exercise. Just no running, I hate running.

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