Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's Our Anniversary (almost)

Tallu has been weaned since I think April 19, 2010. I am amazed that, a year later, she is still emotionally attached to my boobies. If she catches a glimpse of them, she's giddy. Sometimes she'll realize how close she is to them if she's sitting on my lap or if I'm holding her on my hip and she will start to rub them. If I were to ask her today: "Do you want some milkies?" she would rip my shirt off and latch on like she hadn't been fed in months! There have been a few days where she's asked me: "Can I have milk from your milkies?"

I have explained to her several times that, when her baby brother comes home, he will have milkies because he's a baby. The same way she had milkies when she was a baby. Now that she's a big kid, she gets to eat food and drink milk from a cup(strawberry milk, even!)That makes her feel good, for now.

I wonder when we're home and I'm nursing #2, how will Tallu react? I don't think I should have to hide nursing time from her, but I also don't want her to feel abandoned. If he's anything like his sister, he'll be a little boobaholic, too! I have no answers, and I don't expect you readers out there to have hints and suggestions on this situation, although that would be so helpful to me...

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OkomfoAdwoa said...

Kwesi is 7 and he's still attached. He is facinated that the baby will drink from my "boobies" as he once did and to this day still grabs on them as if they are his!