Friday, December 12, 2008

party all the time

The family had a busy weekend. My husband was in a parade last Friday, which my daughter and I attended. The parade was short, but the drummers were all warmed up, so we went to an afterparty where they kept playing. It was loud, but good god it was fun! We didn't leave until almost midnight, but Tallu was well occupied. There were so many drums to watch, so many people to dance with, a pretzel rod to suck on, milk to drink. She never complained, and she slept well on the way to the parade and on the way home from the party, so she was well rested for her night of samba!

Tallu and I had on serious earphones to protect our ears- hers were pink, mine were black. If there are any parents out there who want their children to be exposed to live music but want their children to keep their hearing, urge you to get earphones. She kept them on as long as I had them on her, and she never went to fuss with them. My husband bought them for her so that he can take her to class with him, and so we can take her to his and other drum performances. I promise you, I've been checking her hearing ever since last Saturday, and she's fine.

A friend of ours gave us tickets to a cabaret on Saturday. She was promoting the party and said the tickets were for our first date night. Milady spent the night with her buddy Jay and his mommy and daddy, while we had drinkie-poos and a few hours alone, in a club with a hundred or so other people. It was strange not having her either next to me or attached to me, or even in the same building as me. I was nervous the entire car ride to the club. "Is she going to be okay?" "Are you sure?" I kept asking my husband every two-five minutes. He assured me that she would be, and that I would be okay, too. "But she's all alone, my poor baby," I said. If she's not with me, she may as well be alone, and I could barely breathe until we got a text message from our friends, showing a sleeping baby.

It was a short night - we told our friends we'd be home by midnight- but it was just enough time. I'm still nursing, so my boobs won't let me be away from Milady for so long. Plus I'm not used to being out of my house after 8pm anymore! We managed to have a few drinks, some snacks, and some time to talk without one of us having to check on, play with, change, or feed a baby. For the first time in eight months, my husband and I were just a couple out for the night, not Tallu's parents.

When we went to pick up the baby, we couldn't get her right away. Everyone in the house was sleeping, so our friends weren't answering their phones! We walked down the street, stood on their porch for a few minutes, then sat in the car until they returned our last call. She cried a few minutes, they said, then fell asleep and stayed asleep until we came inside.

Date night was a success, and both couples have agreed to babysit for each other for future date nights. We will have to plan next month's activity, and hope Tallu is as cooperative as she was last Saturday. Hmm...what to do for our second date?

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Tallu's Daddy said...

Yay samba!! And, yes get the earphones, I will give a plug to the place we got ours:

See I told you she'd be fine for the night out, though I didn't even think she would be THAT fine! I belive the wording babysitter J gave was she cried for 2.5 seconds, which I interpret as her usual, "Hey, I want to go to sleep now." I guess it is their turn now, so we'll offer it up to them whenever they are ready, while thinking of our next night out. I am kind of happy the cabaret started late, though we missed a lot, so that we could actually talk.