Monday, December 17, 2007

Mother Support Groups

I'll be brief today, since you'll hear from me tomorrow post doctor's visit.

If you are a first-time mother, I recommend going to a mommy support group before you give birth. I went today with a friend, who had a baby in September. Scuse my language, but these women are fucking geniuses! New mothers are an informative and underutilized wellspring of information. I learned where not to have my child in this city, where to get cloth diapers (and how ridiculously inexpensive it is to have a cloth delivery service), and what foods make the best homemade baby food just this morning! By the time you give birth you will have created a network of support outside of your family (not all of us live near our family, and not all of us have the same ideas about childrearing as our family). Plus you will want an adult person to talk to, as my friend this morning said.

Give it a try, that's all I'm saying.

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