Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just when I think no one's reading this...

Someone noticed that I did not disclose the sex of the baby in my recent posts.

Lots of people - from co-workers to strangers on the street - have asked if I know the sex, and what it is if I know.

No one knows is the obnoxiously technical answer. A co-worker of mine was told she was having a girl based on the ultrasound. When she gave birth she found out the technician was wrong. It happens more often than you think...

I did not even want to tell our family what the sex was in the beginning of the pregnancy. I wanted to keep something for my husband and me. He wanted to share the news with the "concerned and interested." I lost that round. So our parents, siblings, and grandparents know. A special thank you to my mother, who (without my asking) said she would not share that info with anyone.

This is a dream I had a few days before the ultrasound:

The technician and a nurse start my ultrasound but say they can't finish it because the baby is asleep. So they walk me around trying to wake it up, and all the while they're calling the baby she. I'm wondering "why do they keep saying 'she'? They said they couldnt see anything?" We get back to the room after they said it should be awake, and before I get on the bed they say: "Oh, by the way, we could see the sex, and it's a girl!"

I slam my hand on the bed screaming "DAMMIT! DAMMIT! DAMMIT!"
They all look at me like I'm crazy, and they ask if I'm ok. I say "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm ready." I hop on the table as though nothing happened.

Was my dream a premonition?
I could tell you, but it's so much more fun to guess!
That's my Christmas gift to you :-)

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Anonymous said...

Hehehe! Why would you do that to me! I'm obviously your #1 fan! Well, I'm good at guessing, sooo I'm going to guess that it IS A SHE!! I do like your blog. Very interesting! I have a son and the U/S was correct! He is the sweetest baby ever!!