Saturday, February 9, 2008

Preggo Down!

One of my favorite adages is "Everything happens for a reason."
I've been bitching and moaning about not wanting to work for while now. Well, Friday I didn't go to work. I tried, but I sprained my left ankle on the way to the train station.

Women fall often during pregnancy. The center of gravity shifts, you lose your balance, it's just a part of the deal. I thought it would escape me, and technically it has. I didn't fall. My left ankle twisted about three or four times side to side. My right foot kept going like nothing was wrong, and my brain was yelling "DON'T FALL! DON'T FALL! DON'T FALL!" So no fall.

Of course I was still trying to convince myself that I'd make it there because there was an exhibit opening that day. I may be pregnant and limping, but dammit there was still work to be done. I called my boss to tell him what happened, and he said not to worry about coming to work. But as much as it hurt, I didn't have to go to work!!!

I am walking around the city on crutches with a swollen left ankle and a tiny bone chip. It's hard to balance on crutches at 29 weeks, but I'm managing. So don't beat yourself up if and when you fall, just remember to tuck and roll, and slow down when you're walking.

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