Tuesday, April 20, 2010

That's Why You Don't Open Gifts at the Party

It took Tallu several hours to open her gifts and cards because she wanted to play with every gift, look at every card, and try on every piece of clothing. There was not a single gift that did not pique her interest, and she was grateful and excited for each one. Our living room was a makeshift toy store for nearly a week.

We appreciate everyone who came to celebrate our daughter's second birthday, and we promise not to have such a hullaballoo next year, or the year after that! My husband explained why this party became such a big deal: I was making up for missing the baby shower and for having such a small celebration for birthday #1 (we moved to the new house around the same time). I think we will have to start preparing for take some of her little friends out to play, because hosting a do-it-yourself party is too much for for us lazy folks.

If you'd like to see a video of some of the entertainment at Tallu's birthday party, copy and paste this link to your browser
as you watch this, picture Tallu asleep with large, pink headphones on her ears, which is exactly what she did for most of the performance

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