Friday, January 30, 2009

Update on Tallu

Tallu is ten months old. She's stopped biting during nursing, and is still sleeping through the night in her crib. I no longer have to climb into the crib to nurse her to sleep. Tallu is still not crawling, but I discovered yesterday that she can skoot herself on her butt to move around. She loves Cheerios, cherries, sweet potatoes, and prunes, but is not interested in drinking anything other than milk. The doctor says her iron levels are a bit low, so I have to give her the liquid vitamins in her food.

Speaking of food, Tallu has decided that she wants what's on our plates now, not that wussy Cream of Rice cereal! She snatched a chocolate chip cookie from me a few days ago. Last night I fed her some of my pizza (caramelized onion and apple, with mozzarella, no sauce). She paid for that this afternoon, starting around 2pm, and I learned a valuable lesson: Tallu and pizza are a bad combination. I'm sure the BM was painful, what with the screaming and straining, and I felt so bad that I'd caused it. But I was a good cheerleader, telling her to let that poopy out, and that she was such a big girl to go through this awful thing, but that she would have such a good nap afterwards, which she did. I nursed her for about two hours, and gave her a few droppers worth of water, massaged her back and her thighs. She woke up at 7:30pm much happier than when she fell asleep around 4pm.
(I saved the diaper for my husband to see- it was solid and dense, not what you want from a ten month old. He asked if I was going to take a picture of it. I declined)

Although she's not crawling, Tallu is standing and pulling herself to stand. A co-worker of my husband says I can't let her skip crawling, as there is critical mental development that occurs when babies learn to crawl. I have to look that up. She's working on sitting up by herself. I don't know what milestones are when, frankly. I'd also like her to work on waking up a little happier, but for now, I am grateful she sleeps in her crib for the whole night. At least I have some time alone. Unfortunately it's in the middle of the night, time I'm supposed to use for sleeping.


MamaClaire said...

That crawling thing is an old wive's tale! Many states have even taken crawling off of developmental checklists because so many babies skip it now, thanks to the "back to sleep" campaign. I mean, you can't MAKE a baby crawl, right?

Yes I Am said...

You can't make a baby do a damned thing ;-D I didn't know there were developmental checklists, But not crawling makes perfect sense with the "back to sleep" campaign. Of course, when Tallu's in the crib I put her down on her back, and she immediately puts herself on her stomach or her side. I don't worry about it, since she can move herself if she's uncomfortable. She also sleeps with a cold mist humidifier going, since our rooms get pretty dry when the radiators are running. I said all that to say "Thank you" for making me feel better about the crawling business

MamaClaire said...

Sounds from your recent post like your babe is totally motivated to move around--and that's all that matters! I was at a playgroup last week where a 6 month old was crawling circles around my 9 month old. Even though I know my baby totally kicks ass, I still felt a little self-conscious about how Jane isn't crawling yet. This motherhood thing is tricky! We are meant to raise our kids in villages, but our modern mom communities have become so competitive. ugh!